Thursday 30 December 2010


Went to craggy last night to have a climb with the Soithongsuks and try out the other tough lead line on the 8/9.

After an extended warmup, due to my partners staying true to form and arriving later than publicised, we got on a few easier lines up the comp wall to loosen up and teach Tiff to use a GriGri.

We then moseyed on to the project line round back and cleaned it up.

Tiff went first and caused a mild heart attack when she fumbled the fourth clip and fell off with a shed load of slack out. Fortunately she stopped shortly before hitting the floor and got back on for another attempt. Loads of kudos for that kind of guts for sure.

I then had a go and reached the same point as Tiff but fluffed the sequence a bit and also fell. I had the clip in but for some reason the GriGri didnt work ideally and in combination with Tiff going for a short fly in the air I ended up with a foot on the ground...Not ideal really.

The picture above gives a decent idea of the fall for both of us...Pretty good eh? Either way, once I finished trembling I had another go and fell off the last move after I battered my knee going for the dyno. Should go next session if I get back on it.

Finger feels tweaked up again, next climb will probably be at Reading on the 2nd so I think I may rest up and ice it till then.

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