Sunday 26 December 2010

Christmas Update

Hope everyone reading this had a good Christmas but this post isnt really about that.

It's an update on my climbing performance:

I went to SSP and Craggy on Wednesday, setting problems at SSP for a few hours before going over to Craggy to do some lead climbing.
I am pretty happy with the SSP problems which included a cool slopey, pinchy, straight-up black problem and a big strange dyno on some white buckets. I hope there haven't been too many complaints yet... :-P

The lead climbing at Craggy went alright, considering I havent tied into a rope for absolutely yonks. I warmed up with a few traverses, auto belay lines and a little bouldering before getting on a slightly overhung 7b and working all the moves. I didnt get the route on Wednesday but I shall blame fatigue and paper thin skin as a result of climbing at SSP earlier in the day.
I also met Yann Genoux, who is the lead setter at The Arch, which was nice. He even made one of the funniest mistakes in language that I have ever heard.

Jack was just about to get to the crux of the route, which involves a large move from a pinch up to a sloper. Just as he reaches it Yann shouts

'Go on Jack, Give it some Willy'

needless to say - Jack laughed himself off the wall.

I went back on Friday and sent the route second attempt after getting a little bit of new beta from a chap nearby. Close run thing though, as I almost pulled my hands off when I was on the last mediocre hold, fortunately I stuck it and moved on to my hardest ever craggy tick :-D

Brilliant New Years Eve gift to myself, as was the coockie that Abi then bought from the cafe.

Happy boxing day everyone.

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