Friday 23 April 2010

Rubiks to Recovery?

Impossible to grade recovery rates, but I think that overall, this one has been slower than the previous two that I ruined by climbing too soon.

However I have also been deprived of an insane amount of rubiks cubing during the recovery period for this latest attempt...

Is there anything in it?

Who knows?
-I found my cube today and I already feel much better :-P

2x2 3x3 and 4x4 hopefully coming soon.

Wednesday 21 April 2010

As normal

I'm once again approaching recovery, no crimping = no pain.

This means I can do pullups now so I might as well do so...

I was considering signing up to go to the roaches this weekend, but now that I am writing this I can instantly see that this would be exactly the wrong thing to do at this stage.

Still got a bum finger, but to add to my worries I now have an infected astro burn, an unhappy right knee and 2 unhappy wrists.

To add more positives to my extended list I have misplaced my rubiks cube and have to put up with a useless glitchy one now.

9 more days.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Since I cant climb...

I set up a calendar a few days ago to count down days.
13 down 15 to go,
I thought I would be dealing worse with this but I seem to be OK at the moment, just keeping myself occupied doing other things.

Unfortunately I am still eating rather too many chocolate biscuit and I should swap these for some sort of fruit in the near future or risk getting mildly obese.

I have also fallen into the pit of DFBWGC on UKB, but I'm not complaining...

I went slack-lining today in the sunny sunny sun. Most enjoyable.

Saturday 10 April 2010

Over a week since the last post

I'm gutted,

Finger got twinged again last week so I really need to do this recovery thing properly. I currently set up a calendar where I can count down the days till a vague level of recovery should have been reached.

However I need to keep up the commitment to icing and massage/stretching that I was so good at before these holidays - hopefully this will improve once I get back to Bath.

It is hard to explain my feelings but I know anyone that has had a sport stopping injury will know - it is absolutely wrenching to hear of other people's performances and improvements while you are broken.
All congratulations to Anthony, Tombi and anyone else who climbed well on the fontainebleau trip. And particular congratulations to Tris from TCA who just climbed his first 8a in Spain. However it is really killing me to hear everyone elses stories of success while I have to sit around unable to do anything but fitness and recovery.

On the other hand- knowing that people are in the same position as you seems to lessen the burden and I think in this situation I am blessed.
TCA does not seem to have a good track record on this at the moment.

Simon has tendon issues
Paul broke his leg
Tris had some kind of elbow/shoulder worries a while back
Ben has a child that eats his time

Put simply I could have a much worse time of it and I should be thankful that the injury that I do have is relatively minor in the whole scheme of things.
I will come back stronger this year and my targets remain unchanged.

Summer Fontainebleau plans are starting to shimmer in the haze and I need to remember that if I recover in a disciplined fashion, I still have the skills to climb to the best of my ability.

Finger is still shit though, minor full crimp load is all it takes for pain...

I'm not going to proof read this because it is already inane o'clock and I need to bust a move in a bedward direction