Saturday 25 June 2011

Peeling in the shower

I am SO attractive!
I literally don't understand why anyone wouldn't want me!

For Ben - (the only american in my potential audience) I am being sarcastic.

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Spain the other night, and needless to say I conformed to the British stereotype on the first day by getting horribly burnt and then hiding inside and emerging only at night for the remainder of the trip.

It seems my moisturising efforts were in vain though, and the inevitable has started to happen, lets just hope that my landlord wont fine me for leaving juicy skin flakes around the house when I leave...

Now that I have finished doing my best to make people feel ill, I proudly present a few photographs from Spain.


I arrived at Valencia Airport with Nat early on the 19th and took a walk around Valencia during the morning and early afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people, of all ages, who were out exercising in the parks while we were there.

I also sampled my first 'Spanish' drink - Horchata
It tasted like nothing I have ever tried before, and I cant say whether I liked it or not. What I do know is that combining Horchata with coffee shots creates the most delicious drink known to mankind!


When we got to the house in Castillon we made a move to the stunning beach on the shore of the Mediterranean, where I took the opportunity to initially get very burnt - and then on repeat trips - take some pictures.


Unfortunately, my A3 tweak hasnt improved and as such I have still not been doing any climbing - this brings the time since I climbed meaningfully to about 2 months.


Since it has been so long - and I havent really been doing any rehab on it (pretty poor show I know) I think some scar tissue may have formed, leading to a feeling of pain when climbing... I have thus been doing some massage on it, and using a squeezy egg which did a fantastic job of healing my flexor tendon injury from earlier in the year.


I am now engaging in more icing of my hand, and I can sort of feel it having an effect. If you would like to see more of my pictures then please follow this link prepare for plenty of B&W.

There are about 3 weeks before I am hoping to go back to europe and climb again, so I hope I can get my finger in a fit state for climbing. I am also incredibly psyched to start learning a little more Spanish so I am not completely at a loss in the country :-D


Thursday 16 June 2011

Few things to draw your attention to.

My right ring finger seems to have some sort of A3 injury - which is nice, because A2 is way too mainstream at the moment. Unfortunately this leads to a lack of meaningful climbing.

On the positive side - my left ring finger seems to be getting back to strength after the flexor tendon strain from late march.



Finally edited together a film of Marijus in font for his sponsors,
Took my dogs for a walk and took some photos,
Been out climbing at Cranleigh school,
Played touch rugby at my old club,
Climbed at Surrey Sports Park,
And kayaked on the river Wey.

The results can be seen below.

My final view of Bath before heading back to the south east

Popeye looking at a flower

The trees at my local park

There are more of these photos available here:
and all the photos are linked to slightly larger versions.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday 7 June 2011


Somewhere down the line in the last month I have become a shocking 3kg over where I would like to be.

My pullup strength is pretty marginal,
I look 3kg heavier which makes me sad,
my stamina is through the floor,
my finger strength has taken a battering.

but despite that, I still managed to claw myself up various 'hard' stuff on the weekend - and I sure as hell dont know why it felt easier now, than it did when I did those routes for the first time while I was fit.

Today I went and had my first game of badminton in ages - no superstars present, just myself and housemate for about an hour or so.
With luck I will find some more people to play with and really run myself into the ground so I can rise again and float on the rock.

Until then I will have to use this extra weight as training balast...
I also need to ice my hand a bit more since it seems to have gotten a little worse.

Sunday 5 June 2011

I feel like dying!

4 mile run...



I needed that.

How to tire yourself out.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to injure myself so often,
but looking back over the past week or so it is pretty easy to see.

I finished my exams on the 25th of May and since then I have only had 1 good nights sleep - and that was last night.

26th - Drove home to take tent back.
27th - Drove back to Bath.
28th - Worked in TCA.
29th - Worked in TCA.
30th - Bought new shoes and went to Avon Gorge.
1st - Bought approach shoes and went to the Peak district (slept badly in tent).
2nd - Attempted to climb in the peak district (failed badly) and bought new camera.
3rd - Early start to do my final viva.
4th - Cheddar with Tombi, then came back and went out to climb in fairy cave quarry.
5th - Today is a rest must be...or maybe I will do cardio.

My right hand finger is a bit tweaked still and I need to start icing it - which I haven't actually done since I got back from font.
Initially I thought it was just a minor tweak, but now I think it is a bit more than that.

Main aim for the next couple of weeks now
-Lose the weight put on in exam period.
-fix my finger.
-get some stamina.