Wednesday 7 September 2011

Seems to have been a while since the last update again. Sorry :-/

I haven't written a post in a while,

And once again I don't really have a good excuse.
However, I have started work at the school which, at the moment, involves getting up far too early and then drinking coffee to keep myself awake. However, I am enjoying the opportunity to dress smartly and then play with chemicals when no one is looking. In fact, I have a rather fun looking experiment to try out at some point:

(Just try to ignore the fact that he sounds like the guy from the Saw movies)

Hopefully I will manage to stay afloat on the wave of chemical organisation that is going to be required in my job. I havent started too badly, but still a bit all over the place in terms of working out what tthe hell I am actually supposed to be doing half the time.

So far it has been pretty quiet, so I have been able to do some extra stuff around the school in the form of climbing, setting and grading routes, choosing sofas, meeting all my old teachers again (some of whom have even attempted to looked pleased about my return), and drawing this pretty picture of the school wall so that  we can now mark up all the problems on the circuits in a simple and effective manner.

School Wall
Personally, I think it looks very pretty and does a great job of displaying the problems in a veriety of grades.

Finally - I have been getting back on the climbing and bit more, but also some of that good old fashioned photography. So on a recent trip to my mate's home training wall it was only natural that my camera should follow.

Here are a few of the resulting shots:




One thing I think I can say for sure is that if I continue to climb here, and get my fingers back up to full grip strength, then I will be in a very pretty place for this series of SIBL competition. I'm very excited for what might go down this winter if I can get my body and act together.

Looks like it is time for beddy byes for the newly inducted worker bee.
Please don't let me become an automaton...

I went to find a picture of Marvin - and instead found this.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have done