Monday 29 March 2010


Just had it checked from someone else and apparently it didnt work.



I couldn't manage to do exactly what I wanted but this still looks better I think.

What you cant see is the large amount of picture that has been cut off screen below the writing.
Not sure how much longer I can keep going with this kinda faff.

Thursday 25 March 2010

Just spent a very inefficient evening...

Trying to make this page look a little prettier,

It appears I am not cut out for this coding nonsense, I need to find a techno person.
All I want is a picture behind the black bit and the words to be aligned in the convenient places I left for them...

Hopefully this is quite simples.

Tuesday 23 March 2010


I'm not going to throw my toys out of the pram because I think I saw it coming, but I would rather it hadn't.
Perhaps I could have avoided the situation by not placing my name forward in the first place. However, I have not been voted in as a voting member at the AGM.

Needless to say I am slightly disappointed with the result, but in truth I don't really think it matters a great deal. I will continue to do whatever it is I have been doing so far, including all my informal trips and helping people with problems at TCA.
I think I managed to meet a few 'new' people at the meeting however, so hopefully a few more people will be interested in going out and climbing with me in the future.
Everyone who is interested should add me on Facebook because that is where I organise nearly everything nowadays.

I also voiced my idea to change the sign up times for trips because at the moment I think they positively disfavour the people who are interested in climbing. Hopefully some action will be taken on this for the next year and if possible the next trips.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Sooooo, Plenty of Goooooobadnews

Hmmm, difficult to know where to start with this update.

Basically I did something good, and then something bad.
or the other way round...something like that anyways.

BUCS was this weekend and I climbed in a mediocre way, I flashed 17 out of the 18 problems I tried and did the one I failed at second attempt. In lieu of my injury I decided to stop climbing after that since the last problems all looked crimpy and dangerous. - This was 'good' in a way (although I'm not exactly thrilled by me failure to climb hard in any sense of the word 'bad' - I beat 66 people though 'good')

We then went out to Stanage where I tried the ultra classic - Deliverance 7b+ and after about an hour or so I cruised it in super amazing style - 'good'.

Unfortunately I woke up yesterday and my finger felt bad again despite clearly being good enough to manage at least something on Saturday.
So basically with Font one week away I don't think I am going to be fit in time.
As such I have given up my place on the trip in the hope that someone will be able to take it and pay me some moneys. (that's bad by the way)

hmm...I decided to run for a position as a voting member in the club, I think I can represent 'TeamKeen' in a slightly more understandable way. There is a bit of a rift in the club between 'us' and 'them' which could probably be bridged with an olive branch and some talk, which would ultimately result in a better club for both sets of people. (the opportunity to work with me is certainly good news for the rest of the club :-P )

Thursday 11 March 2010

My finger broke!

I broke my finger and have been simply incapable of telling the online world till now due to the extreme and inescapable pain,

I'm exaggerating but it appears I have succumb to a rather typical climbers injury, born out of overconfidence and perhaps a little bit of fatigue.
I believe it is the pulley at the bottom of my right middle finger...pretty crap to be honest, and to kick me in the teeth the uni are going to insist upon payment for the BUCS championships this weekend regardless of the fact I really shouldn't climb in it.

I am being sensible though and using the tried and tested method of ice and rest to heal myself in superquick time before font.

Also - it looks like I came 14th overall in the TCA comp and 20th in the last round which was less than I wanted but probably about what I deserved for my mistakes.

I also won some tickets to the outdoor show in Birmingham but I dont think I am going to be able to go, typical!

Friday 5 March 2010

Weak Blogging!

So...basically I got lazy and despite the interesting news didn't update my blog for almost a week now.
I competed in the SW universities bouldering league at TCA on Sunday 28th and came a mighty 2nd. I am lead to believe that the eventual winner has climbed font 8a before so I cant feel too bad about coming runner up to him. I reckon my performance was pretty good. I flashed every problem but the last one which I rather unfortunately greased off.
So that was cool and I won a nice DMM bag which has been put to good use today in my second titbit of news.

I went over to Bristol today and decided to check out Trym Valley Gorge (about 15 mins from the centre of town by car) It is not what I would call the most aesthetic crag of all time but the two climbs I did there were top class in terms of movement.
I warmed up on and then lead a 7a - World at War which was kinda funky with a short sequence.
I then moved onto a 'hard 7a+' which fell relatively quickly. But only after finding some awesome Beta with a high foot and rockover jazz. Undoubtably going to set it as a problem at TCA if I get the chance.

Working this weekend and there is a competition too.

Keep getting stronger!