Friday 5 March 2010

Weak Blogging!

So...basically I got lazy and despite the interesting news didn't update my blog for almost a week now.
I competed in the SW universities bouldering league at TCA on Sunday 28th and came a mighty 2nd. I am lead to believe that the eventual winner has climbed font 8a before so I cant feel too bad about coming runner up to him. I reckon my performance was pretty good. I flashed every problem but the last one which I rather unfortunately greased off.
So that was cool and I won a nice DMM bag which has been put to good use today in my second titbit of news.

I went over to Bristol today and decided to check out Trym Valley Gorge (about 15 mins from the centre of town by car) It is not what I would call the most aesthetic crag of all time but the two climbs I did there were top class in terms of movement.
I warmed up on and then lead a 7a - World at War which was kinda funky with a short sequence.
I then moved onto a 'hard 7a+' which fell relatively quickly. But only after finding some awesome Beta with a high foot and rockover jazz. Undoubtably going to set it as a problem at TCA if I get the chance.

Working this weekend and there is a competition too.

Keep getting stronger!

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