Thursday 11 March 2010

My finger broke!

I broke my finger and have been simply incapable of telling the online world till now due to the extreme and inescapable pain,

I'm exaggerating but it appears I have succumb to a rather typical climbers injury, born out of overconfidence and perhaps a little bit of fatigue.
I believe it is the pulley at the bottom of my right middle finger...pretty crap to be honest, and to kick me in the teeth the uni are going to insist upon payment for the BUCS championships this weekend regardless of the fact I really shouldn't climb in it.

I am being sensible though and using the tried and tested method of ice and rest to heal myself in superquick time before font.

Also - it looks like I came 14th overall in the TCA comp and 20th in the last round which was less than I wanted but probably about what I deserved for my mistakes.

I also won some tickets to the outdoor show in Birmingham but I dont think I am going to be able to go, typical!

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