About Me

My name is Archie Cameron-Blackie, I'm 25, and like to climb.

I work at The Climbing Depot in Nottingham, where I routeset, coach, and provide scintillating conversation 5 days a week.

I'm aiming for the Triple 8's.
Then I can be happy.

Top Ascents


Caroline 7C+, Rocklands
Brad Pit, 7C Peak District
The Terrace, 7C(+) Peak District
Dr Crimp 7C, Cresciano
Deliverance, 7B+ Peak District (I love this problem, Tech & Dyno, winner)


Craggy Island Lead wall, 8a Craggy (this has to count for something)
Storm Warning, 7c+ Brean Down
Insatiable, 7b+ Cheddar
Raw Deal, 7a Cheddar (my favourite route in the country)


End of the Affair, E8 Peak District (who knows where that came from)
I'd love to put something else here, but there really isn't anything noteworthy...

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