Friday 28 August 2015

Managing my Injuries

I have somewhat come to the conclusion that I wont be healed any time soon so I've been playing around with how to manage my injuries at the moment.

I posted on UKB about methods that I could use to deal with this, and I was recommended to purchase a really stiff pair of shoes. Fortunately, we have been doing a killer deal at the Depot for a pair of Evolv Valor shoes for £45.

The Evolv Valor has about 10 inches of rubber on the sole, which makes it a really stiff sole, and since I can't size accurately (small shoes compress the joint, which hurts) I have to wear my shoes too big, and the stiffer the shoe, the better.

That said, I have actually been able to climb!!!!

I have been twice this week, working on the board, and trying out problems in the centre that I had previously not been able to try. I still can't heel hook on the left foot (because the shoe is so loose that it just falls off) but I still managed to climb 5/6 of the White circuit - supposedly V6+ (but not really)

In anticipation of our move into a new house at some point in the coming weeks, I have bought some cycling shoes, and some clipless pedals! I'm quite excited to try and have a ride today, so hopefully I dont fall off and die :-)

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