Wednesday 8 December 2010

I seem to be in an unrepentant and thoroughly undeserved state of happiness right now, my infective cheer seems completely at odds with my usual state of mind as christmas approaches.
Ordinarily I will scrooge about and frown at lights and trees but I grinned merrily as the lights were switched on in TCA today.

Now unless someone is drugging me it would appear that I have little to feel festive about as I have a tweaked A2 in my left hand, my left arm has suddenly decided to succumb to tendonitis, my knee is not quite healed and I have a competition this weekend in London which will require another earlyish start.
On the other hand I have been climbing fairly well despite these issues, today I almost managed my first one arm pullup ever, and I followed this up with my first a 1-4-6.

I sound like a broken record, but if I could get a stretch of decent health then I think I would be doing alright just about now.

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