Monday 20 December 2010

Reading Winter League


My first top 10 placing in competition this year, one of my year targets was a top ten in the TCA rounds. Unfortunately I ran out of them, so this will have to do.

I came in 3rd place out of 37 people and had at least 1 whole climb between myself and 4th.
The problem setting was great and really suited my style of climbing which was fortunate.

Unfortunately I crippled myself on one of the last problems when I tried to pull too hard on a that is my current major ailment - ah well.

I spent most of today setting some problems in SSP, which I am glad to say is taking a turn for the better for a few days. I will be returning on Wednesday to set a few more problems in a separate section of the wall.
Couple of cool problems, still having trouble setting something around the 7a level though, maybe I can try and remedy this on wed.

Going to London tomorrow so that will probably act as a rest day for the most part, plenty of walking around in the cold though.


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