Tuesday 14 December 2010

SIBL Writeup

A slow response but I have been a bit busy recently with uni shiz.

The latest round of the Southern Indoor Boulder League was on Saturday and held in the Castle.
Having never been to the castle before I had no idea what to expect, fortunately for the competition the wall was excellent, the setting was great, the hold set was top notch (revolution) and the music was kinda cool too.

Another earlyish (5:30am) start to get over there and get a parking space left us with 3 hours to kill before the competition started - but that is important beta planning and warmup time (we spent it drinking tea in a local cafe)

The rest of the competitors eventually showed up and once it all kicked off a good time was had by most.

I achieved my highest position so far in any of the rounds: out of 73 competitors I came 18th which is alright but, once again, I'd like to do a little better at some point.
Overall I am placed 16th out of 122 people, though this is much to do with turning up to all of the rounds so far.

My fingers on the left hand are still a little tweaked though they feel a bit better every day, might go to Reading competition on Friday to beat Henry again. He loves it.

I also got a new 3x3 record = 27.43s

Time to do some real work instead of typing away on this though, so till next instalment of my thrilling life.

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