Wednesday 5 May 2010

Well the rubiks worked I think

I had my first two sessions back on plastic and rock this weekend and today respectively.

I set a few problems that were completely outside the grade range in the red circuit and climbed them without breaking myself on the Saturday, although I don't think Paul was too impressed with it...English Tech grades are stupid anyone - no one knows how hard a 5a move is!

I also went to Cheddar today which was neat, I warmed up on a 6a+ on Arch rock - just ticking off the routes on it still. Then I got all the moves down on 'All Hands to the Pump' which was nice, managed to avoid crimping too hard and my finger still feels ok now. I appear to have lost a lot of stamina and a fair amount of strength. Not to mention gaining 3kg in my month off >:-O.

It should go next time I go down to cheddar which, needless to say, is hopefully soon given the proximity of victory on what will be my third >7a+ of all time.

Finger is still a bit under the weather, I would put it at perhaps 70% of it's former strength but rapidly improving in terms of not being injured and instead just being weak.

Plan now is to get on some circuits at TCA and get some fitness back, oh and we have these exam things...guess I should look into them too :-P

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