Wednesday 19 May 2010

Highball Buildering?

The traffic at my wall is rather too much during the day so instead of climbing there I was convinced to go and have another look at the bridge Tombi had mentioned.
It appears that I did not go far enough down the trail, the bridge I saw was rubbish, the bridge tombi was talking about is infact rather funky.

It has 2 main pillars, each made of stone in about 8 layers or so. We found a neat eliminate traverse of one of the pillars that involved restricting the hands to a single layer of bricks and a scary highball of one of the pillars.

Easy moves up to about 3 metres, then a couple of committing harder moves (maybe english 5b/c I dont know...) then big flat edges to the top at, I guess, around 8-10m

First time in quite a while I have felt the tremble, not sure how I feel about it with regards to doing other stupid things...

I also bought a new camera yesterday so I intend to get some nicer pictures of Fontainebleau this year.

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