Saturday 15 May 2010

No Pullups today

Instead I went on a fun little run.

I have been cooped up in the library almost all day today, eating crap, and I guess it just made me a little energetic. I went for a 45 minute jogging exploration of my near surroundings which encompassed 3.8 miles according to my route planner.

I found it much more enjoyable than normal and I think this was because of my method of route selection, which was pretty much nothing at all. I first ran to linear park to follow a lead on a climbable bridge, then decided I had too much energy and just kept going.

I took a few passages, peered at various buildings, ran into building sites and industrial areas and generally had an explore.

I'm thinking core tomorrow and perhaps a session on the new bit of wall I found about 5 minutes from my house, could be a 7c traverse of something I didn't look at it all - many crimps and not the greatest footholds in the world should be worth a giggle.

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