Friday 14 May 2010

500 moves, 500 moves, 500 moves onward.

After watching Patxi Usobiagiaigaigia on Progression, I decided to take a leaf out of his (slightly masochistic) schedule and try to do 500 moves in a session at TCA. While this is obviously nowhere near the 2500 he professes to do in the film, it was certainly enough to let me know all about it.

My hands are a bit sore from making so many moves on jugs, and for the first time in ages my forearms have actually hurt a little after the session, I can only assume that this is a general muscle building thing and therefore to be sought after. As such I intend to try and do the same again, although perhaps with fewer moves on a slightly harder circuit.

I am also going to commit to doing 50 pullups a day till at least the end of the exams.

2x 5 pullups
1x maximum = 16
1x4 to even numbers
2x5 assisted one arm pullups on each arm


50 pullups in total.

I believe that if I keep this up it will not only benefit my climbing through improved pulling and lockoff power, but also aid in the recovery of my finger - which seems to pick and choose the times that it wants to feel well, and the times that it wants to worry me with a niggling pain.

Another 2 weeks should do it good, then I can get up to the peak (perhaps on my own) and get some bouldering strength back, not to mention some downtime and finally finish a few of the books I have been neglecting.

Longish post
Archie, out.

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