Saturday 25 September 2010

More Climbing?

Why yes. Thankyou.

So today myself and Max headed over the Severn and climbed at Wintour's Leap.

I started gently with an onsight of the nicely named 'Gunshot Wound to the Head' 6c+ which climbed nicely with one toughish crux move that I missed first attempt but managed to hold myself on the fall.

I also onsighted another 6c - 'A Blast from the Past' which, while lacking in holds at the top, climbed nicely and slapping for chalky patches worked perfectly again.

I cant wait to go and climb on some Grit, where the holds are not hidden from view or awfully slick...Perhaps I have tinted glasses on, but the last time I was up there was brilliant.

I finished up today with a quickish ascent of a 7b in Avon, perfect for me, vertical wall, crimps, rockovers, good feet, 10 move power endurance sequence followed by a race against fatigue to the chains. Brilliant problem but quite polished at the start, just trust your feet and it is alright.

I then went to TCA and watched Ron Fawcett's lecture, I have a lot of respect for the guy now I know what he got up to, the huge amount of soloing was perhaps a little reckless but he seems to have impressed everyone who saw him climb and he was up for any challenge, anytime, any place.
I got my bag signed and shook his ridiculously huge hand then sprinted off to the station where my train was at the wrong platform...leading to me missing it and returning home an hour later than planned...Unimpressed.

I battered my knee on the overhang today, and now it is crispy and quite greasy.....hohoho
but seriously, I hit it quite hard and now it hurts :-( bad times.

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