Friday 24 September 2010


Went to Cheddar with a Polish/Australian? chap from UKC today.

Interesting climbing with someone who (speaking kindly) was larger than myself. For obvious reasons I dont normally meet people who climb at a similar level to myself while weighing any more...

Anyway, this chap called Max was quite a good laugh really, we had a good time and I had my best day outdoor lead climbing. (unless the date 01/02/2010 is correctly logged in my book)
But even then I might claim this one as better due to my first ever 7a onsight.
I'm super chuffed to have finally gotten this off my back because it has been a target for a while.

And Jack - you may turn your nose up at the idea of an onsight climb, but they are undeniably the most impressive style of ascent possible.

I followed this by doing the 3* 7a "Shakin' Like a Leaf" which climbs quite nicely and is very resistant up top. It was also on the ticklist I made ages ago, so nice to tickthat off as well.

I then did "Partners in Crime" 6c+ in two attempts, brilliant climb, best described as 3 interesting rockovers, all of them different.

After that we pootled over to Arch Rock where I made a valiant attempt at the ineptly bolted "screwballed" I have all the moves, but making the clips is the biggest pain on the route, moves are nice - couple of hands off rests, just gotta keep it together to the top...unfortunately I was drained by the time we got on it and I couldn't do it in a single push, but I dogged it twice with only one short rest on both attempts.

Still, not a bad day.

Tomorrow I am going for my first ever specific 'trad climbing day'.
I am pretty much excited.

Bring it on Dave Macleod, as of tomorrow there is a new bloke on your turf.

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