Tuesday 21 September 2010

I love indoor climbing

Who doesn't?

You'd have to be insane to want to climb outside in the 'fresh air'.
Cows fart out there you know.

You get nice filtered air indoors, the problems dont stay long so if you cant do soemthing then it will probably be changed sometime in the near future, and you are never far from a toilet.

Of course, I say these things in jest and I actually cant wait to get outside again.
I really should have done so today but I am still a bit achey from sunday's fives and I wasnt really feeling the whole exercise thing today.
Then I reminded myself of one Mr Usobiaga and forced myself to drive to the wall.
After I warmed up a bit I felt a better and got down to the business of climbing the problems I had set on my previous visit.
Last time I was down was the day after the Sutton competition though and my skin was very sore,

so I didn't actually climb all the moves I set and just made a vague approximation of what was possible.
After climbing the problems today I found one was fecking hard (so I added a hold) one was bloody awkward (so I moved a hold) and one had easier beta than I imagined...so I left it alone but didnt change the grade.

I also tried out the purple problem in the cave, I finally worked out all the moves and have most of them relatively keyed in, but the last move is really really hard. I wouldn't like to accept the grade it is given (7c) but for me it would at least earn 7b. Right now it feels easily as hard as Dr. Med did when I did it, but that was a fair while ago, when I was strong and not aching from exercise...I'll propose a grade if I do it, until then...just gotta try, try and try again.

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