Sunday 19 September 2010

2 Competitions in 4 days

Comeback Comp!

On Thursday I went to Sutton and played in the Hard section of the comp.
Unfortunately the word 'hard' didnt throw me off and I think I came last in the category.
I climbed alright, just fell off the last move of many problems, obviously equalling no points.

My stamina was shit poor though, I couldnt climb several of the problems just because I ran out of gas on the moves. I'm planning for the third round now, I intend to place somewhere decent and not completely disgrace myself like last time.

I got a nice picture out of the deal though so that is alright.

I also played in the Eton Fives U25 Championships today,
Partner was not as bad as I had feared and we did alright in the group stages, almost going through into the main competition.
Fortunately we didnt, otherwise it would have been a very short day, as it was we went into the plate competition and fared alright. We could have come second with a win in the last game, but after losing the game before and playing 7 games before that...mental and physical energy was a little lagging and we ended up losing to the only pair that we had beaten in the group stages.

Here is a video from the final of the main competition.

My leg hurts a bit now, and no doubt my right arm/shoulder will be a wreck come tomorrow.
Hopefully I can climb in the next few days, I am excited to keep climbing and get proper fit for the TCA league.


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