Tuesday 31 August 2010

I thought of a new title!

After all of 10 minutes thought I came up with this brilliant name.

Let me explain;
Archibald the Koala obviously has the same name as me (bar the koala bit).
Koalas climb, are generally lazy, and eat a lot.
A crimp is a style of grip used in climbing, and one I favour.
Archibald the Koala uses his high powered detective brain to figure out problems - and, digging into the bottom of the barrel, I use my high powered intelect to solve bouldering problems.
Archibald is also well spoken and gentlemanly, I hardly need to make a comparison here...

In other news I climbed another 6b+ today then repeated it twice more for good measure. I did loads of laps on the start/end of a 6c sloper problem, linking the moves loads of times but never actually sticking the whole thing together...meh...doesnt really matter when it comes to fitnessy rehabby ribbish but I was pleased.
I can crimp and I can use slopers. Hopefully I will be able to get my confidence back in holding things with the hand...still nervous about dynoing/deadpointing to it...

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