Friday 20 August 2010

Dying a little bit inside

I'm going to write this in a style
not well known for it's class or it's guile,
you can tell I am bored
do you want an award?
I might go and change my hairstyle.

For that seems to be what I do,
when I dont have something to view
I watched Shutter Island
American Dad and-
I think I preferred number two

My finger is still not much better
so I thought I should write out this letter.
To my blog I shall post
nonsense of no note
perhaps I should go make it wetter.

I've tried taking pills and icing,
I've tried liquid gels and erythromycin.
Neurofen works
my tendon just smirks
perhaps I should just stop this whining

My life, of course, could be worse
I could be lying still in a hearse,
or worse even still
I could be really ill
I hope that don't bring on a curse.

Right...after 5 passages of garbage I am going to stop and write something sensible.
or not...
I dont really have anything to say...

Welcome to my insanity.

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