Sunday 29 August 2010

6b+ what?

You read right enrapt readers!

Climbing at Craggy cured my creaking tendon.

'Terrific' I hear you cry!
'what did you climb?'

Well nothing too hard.
Started easy with a bit of traversing on a 4, then upped the grade significantly to a 5.

From there shit escalated and I went a bit crazy, and carefully cruised a cantankerous 6a, cutting the comp wall to its core.
I then followed up with a juggy style 6b through the roof which resulted in a bit of a pump near the top.
After that we headed round the back to play on a slightly less angled wall where I sent another 6b, a 6b+ and rounded the performance with a final 6b.

I am really happy with this ticklist.
It is comprised of several different angles, quite a lot of routes, and several different hold types.
And my hand did not complain on any of them.

My hand feels ever so slightly tender still, and obviously I will be taking it carefully- just like I didnt with my A2 pulley - and continue easing it back in. The Help for Heroes competition is next month on the 25th and I think it would be great fun to compete.

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