Wednesday 25 August 2010

Development on the hand situation!

Bizarrely the way my hand injury feels has suddenly decided to change...

I shall start at roughly the beginning.

On Monday I went to the climbing centre at Surrey Sports Park and checked out the wall there; really quite impressive. I was planning on climbing on easyish stuff but ended up pulling on some stuff a bit harder than expected.

I felt ok for the session, and infact I felt alright for the evening too, but the next day my forearm aches, like a muscular ache...For some reason I feel this is a good thing. At least now I know where to ice my arm and stick on some gels.

I also got hold of my protein from Bath, I dont know if this will help healing, but it cant do any harm, apart from making me feel ill whenever I catch whiff of it.

I also had another short fives session today playing topstep into the buttress. I think I got my spin much better in the short session and I am also much more proficient in volleying with both hands. I think I need to work on playing backcourt shots into the buttress now, I can play a cut style shot but a straight in shot generally seems to go down. I am trying to hard to play the perfect shot and instead delivering something worth nothing...


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  1. Judging by the sound of this post, it seems you had your hand injury under control for the most part, which is definitely a good thing. A lot of people underestimate just how debilitating a hand injury can be, but it’s when we hurt our hands that we realize just how much we need them to be able to do basic and important things. I hope that your hand has continued to heal and that it’s working like clockwork again.

    Sienna Christie