Wednesday 22 July 2015

Wednesday - Setting

Woke up at 7:30, weighed in at 76.9kg - I was super dehydrated though, so it really isn't indicative of much.

Got to the wall at 8:00 and started setting the circuit board shortly after.

Set 4 circuits from 6a to 7b, and climbed them all.

Had some food in town, and then went back to climb the new V3-6 wooden circuit.
Skin felt sore, and there were times that my fingers felt like they were going to let go, but I managed to flash all but one of the problems, with three fingers on the right hand, and no left boot, I think this was fairly good going.

I felt sore after yesterday's core session, but not too bad, glad I didn't feel up to doing more, otherwise today would have been brutal.

Going to get foot X-Ray tomorrow.

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