Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Plan From Here and a Recap

I wont go into great detail about the passing of the last 9 months - but suffice it to say, that I really haven't climbed very much or - at least - much of note.

I have still been setting once a week at the Depot, with the occasional day elsewhere (Big Rock & Bloc Climbing) and doing the odd bit of pottering every so often.

I'm trying my best to keep a happy face on, but I have to admit that this extended injury period has started to grate from time to time. Things are starting to move though - I have been making my face known to the NHS outlets of Nottingham, and I have succeeded in getting a steroid injection for my little finger.

In three weeks, I have gone from being unable to bend it without pain, to being able to completely close it (with only a little pain).

My left foot is still pretty much completely knarked, but I have an appointment for an X-Ray on Thursday, and hopefully that will shed some light on the situation. When they realise that nothing is broken however - I expect that I will end up having another shot, and I'll be able to get back to business by the end of the year.

So - With that out of the way.

I'm giving myself 3 months to get in shape, one more month to get some climbing into my bones, and then I can start to project for the Winter Grit Season.

I've got a basic plan of action:

Monday - Fingerboard/Campus/Woody
Tuesday - Core (Stripping holds)
Wednesday - Climb (Setting/Testing problems)
Thursday - Cardio + Pullups
Friday - Fingerboard/Campus/Woody
Saturday - Whatever
Sunday - Whatever

I'll keep this up for a month, and keep track of what I am doing, and hopefully I will see some basic strength improvements. After that month, I will assess the results, and make a new plan.

At the same time, I will be trying to restrict my calorie intake, to try and drop at least 2 kg by the time I'm fully fit. I estimate that with the amount of exercise that I will be doing, that I will be able to drop this weight, on an intake of roughly 2200kcal per day.

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