Friday 24 July 2015

Setting, Work and Woody.

I have had my foot X Rayed, and I will get the results as soon as the NHS pull their finger out, and actually bother to send the email over to my GP. Oh Well.

Thursday day, was spent getting that done, and then heading to the gym to do a 30 minute cycle, and then a selection of Ab work. 

The cycle felt quite tough, but I'm sure that is just initial 'learning-to-cardio' pains. 

The Ab workout was interesting. I tried to use the machine at the gym, and it was an interesting experience. I'm not sure how much it targeted my abs, since I feel nothing in them today. However, its more likely that I just didn't use the right weight/technique/reps/sets. 

I have had a read today, and, for the next session, I will try to incorporate 15-20 reps, for 3 sets. 

Today, I set another circuit of around 6b+, and then spent about an hour on the woody. 3 fingers right hand, and one boot right. I warmed up on the campus board, doing some simple foot-on laddering, and then did a few hard moves before going home. 

Wedding tomorrow, which will be a rest day, and then maybe Raven Tor on Sunday if the weather holds out. Also my toe. And my finger. 

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