Monday 1 November 2010

A Tirade of tiredness.

I just got back from TCA,

7 hour session in there.

I am tired.

I will be abused for the problems I set today, they are too easy.
I hate leaving shit routes on the wall, this is going to sit on my mind all night and I really cant be arsed to go and change them tomorrow, and that's if I get time after the lab session.

I got a blister today on my right ring finger and that makes me sad
add that to my phone being broken, the lame routes that are up, the chemistry I cant do and the massive sugar crash I am suffering and you have a pretty lacklustre moi.

Not a very good session tonight, I guess I pulled hardishishish, but meh.
I need to chill out or something, but at the same time I have work to do.
And I want to go climb something that isnt just plastic crap.

I was talking with Omar today about the problems I was setting, and he loves the indoors.
He was saying that he likes the white problems to be practically impossible.
On the way home I thought about this and I just can't agree.
If you are going to spend ages trying a problem that may or may not be completely impossible for you, why wouldnt you do it outside? If you do it outside at least you get something against your name for your effort.
If I was trying to 'train' then I would just use the fingerboard or campus rungs.

I guess the routes I have set in the 'hard' circuit are really just trying to replace the hole left by the red circuit, but of course this just prompts the statement that they arent hard enough.
The red circuit is full of nails hard, unpleasant problems.

I would certainly prefer to set some fun, interesting (slightly easier perhaps) problems that you can at least enjoy climbing on while you are indoors.
I guess that is my two cents, when the red circuit comes around I hope to actually get to set some fun moves unlike 90% of what is up now IMO.

I'm going to go find some food, and maybe do some core.

I dont know...

I dont feel like slacking though.

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