Wednesday 10 November 2010


Despite my crippling hand injury (which has healed remarkably well for the single day off I gave it) I decided to go to TCA again and partake in fisticuffs with the problem that tried to skin me.

Joe dropped a little beta for the final moves and I managed to do it shortly after starting.

They may be some of the easier whites that I am getting but it is nice to start getting a few under my belt, I think I may try Pauls pebbly crimpfest next time I am in, in an effort to bother Pete.

I also tried the red problem across the front of the mothership. I had previously tried this about a month ago after succumbing to major psyche levels for the moves.
Unfortunately I had just returned from injury at this point and I could barely do a single move. Today however I managed to do every move, link large sections and put in a decent attempt. Time is running out till the reds are removed though and I think I may only have a couple more sessions to attempt it before it will be consigned to the cleaning fluid.

Had a nice curry tonight with the TCA crew at Redlands Tandoori in Bristol. I would feel happy recommending this place to anyone around, tasty and not too damaging on the wallet.

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