Thursday 11 November 2010

Rubiks PB

I would just like to be the first to congratulate myself on my new milestone.

I just solved the 3x3 Rubiks in 28.76 seconds - hoorah for me - this has been a goal for me for a fair while but I never had any dedication to actually getting it. Continuously getting 31.XX or 30.XX is pretty annoying when you know a marginal thing like a cube locking would have tipped you over the edge

I got a little bit lucky with a couple of stages but for the most part it was an honest solve, quick F2L and a Corner skip for the last step.
That was it really.

I shall connect a youtube video from earlier in the evening when it is done uploading, although it was only a 33 second solve, or something like that, and massively lucky. Still, you should be able to get an idea

and this one is not 33 seconds, it is significantly slower.

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