Tuesday 19 March 2013

Minimal Mojo

Since CWIF I have just not had it going, and I dont know why.

The week before CWIF I felt super strong, with Wednesday spent lapping my 7B+ (ish) boulder problem multiple times (ruining my skin for the comp on the weekend)

Since the comp (where I failed to perform due to achey muscles and crappy skin) I really havent felt up to much. The day after the comp I bailed on the peak and went home and havent had any juice since.

It's my own fault really.

I ate whatever I wanted for about 6 months and did minimal training in favour of driving to the peak and having fun in my sessions. As such, I have been pretty stagnant for about 6 months now and dont feel remotely like I am about to repeat my V10 level, let alone get an 8a sport route.

I just feel really clunky right now, like my hands dont want to grab onto things as hard as I would like. I dont know, I guess by writing this, and airing some thoughts - some of my chi might come back and help me get my mojo working.

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