Monday 20 August 2012

Just a quick note to say that Caroline is ON!

I did all the moves a few days ago, and I can do all the moves easily now,. The problem is linking it!

I can get up to the last right hand hold relatively consistently, and I can do it from there every time when I am fresh.  It is just a case of sticking it well with all my fingers on the hold, unfortunately I havent managed to do this yet.

I think I am up to about 5/6 sessions on it now, which is by far and a way the longest I have ever spent on a project before, I have to move down to Cape Town to today as my time in the Rocklands house has run out.

Fortunately I am staying with Arjan de Kock, and he is regularly driving up to RL to climb on his own projects, so I will hitch a lift with him until I manage to do it.

I had a session on it yesterday with Dave Graham looking on, felt super strong, but it just wasnt working out for me. I then went up and gave him a spot on a crazy new 8a(?) boulder he found and did. Check out 'The Island' Website for a video in the future perhaps.

It is all rainy today, so no climbing for anyone it seems, not that I mind too much, I probably need another rest day to let my skin get back to a decent thickness for Caroline, because those holds are damned sharp if you catch them wrong. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference whether you have taped up or not, so that might work just fine.


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