Thursday 3 March 2011

Recent Thoughts and a fun video or two.

So having written the title of this post yesterday evening I proceeded to do nothing with it.
Fortunately I am now bored enough to start writing. I even have some things to write about!

1! - It was my birthday yesterday and I am now old. I dont think I am young enough to be called a 'young upstart' if I suddenly became good. Unfortunate as this is I shall have to get over it.

2! - I finally found my power cord for my camera which means I can make rubbish videos for people again.

so here is one of them -
Turn up the volume because the talking (the important bit) is quite quiet

3! - Indoors
The mothership has been reset! Now there are loads of nice new tough routes on the front wall and I'm very much up for going back and keeping going on the power. Unfortunately I really shouldn't as I need to continue with the program I set myself at the start and get on with the endurance part. Oddly this part fills me with more dread than the primary section where I had to go running once a week! I guess I dont like the feeling of failure associated with not succeeding at at the level I want to. When I boulder I tend to pull on stuff that there isn't 'shame' in falling off. Definitely need to 9/10 climbers that attitude and suck up those feelings of inadequacy.

4! - Outdoors
Following on from the last point is the 'log' of my trip to Brean yesterday. I went down to 'check the grade' of Tide Rising for Ed who did it second attempt when he was down a short while ago. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the route in one push despite easily doing all the moves. As such the 'power endurance' stage of my training is no doubt essential to succeeding on this route and some similar ones. I am told that the stamina will come quickly if I spend some time training it.

5! - Since it has been my birthday recently I have obviously been eating pretty poorly due to cake requirements and generally treating myself a bit. Unfortunately once the cake is gone I must stop this and get back on the old diet.

6! - Font!
The hotel and ferry have been booked and paid for. 10 days from the 20th to the 30th of april. This gives me just under 2 months to train. Hard. With something to work towards hopefully these 2 months will go fast and be really productive. I need to mount a fingerboard on something and really reap some benefits without having to travel all the way to TCA for a quick session.

7! - Training has started already. I may not be the strongest climber in the provisional group but I sure as hell will be the manliest of the men!

I might make it look like an effort but I assure you this was quite possibly the easiest thing I have ever attempted. I think I could crack an apple at least 3 times this size!

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  1. Haha! Excellent videos baldmeister! The explanation of greyskull power on deliverance is iconic.
    And happy birthday of the other day! Sorry I missed it.