Thursday 24 March 2011


Done quite a lot recently,
many trips outdoors and the like.

1st - Cheddar

I have been outdoors to cheddar many times recently, trying various >7b routes.
I am pleased to announce that I managed to complete my first 7b+ of the year yesterday with a quick ascent of House Burning Down (3*). Top class route.

I tried it a few days ago as a flash attempt and it felt pretty simple until I completely ran out of gas near the top.
Yesterday however the holds all felt a little bit worse than they did before, but after I dogged it once to place the clips I felt psyched enough to go for a proper attempt.
I cruised through the bottom and middle, even running it out a little to make the clips a bit easier. I finally reached the big flat holds near the top, essentially a 5+, maybe 6a boulder problem with increasingly slopey holds to the bolts to finish out. Unfortunately I was obscenely pumped and this felt like the hardest part of the climb by a long, long way. I worked out a nifty rest position and took a few minutes to shake out and chalk up for the final 7/8 moves.
I have never felt that pumped, I made the incredibly bad call to try and pull through the rope and clip from below the top...after pulling through a lot of rope I suddenly realised it wasn't going to happen that way and I would have to work something out, and fast.
I threw out to the previous hold and slapped wildly to the top slopers, hopped my feet up and stood up over the top where my forearms and nerves finally got a rest!

"I've never been so adrenalised"!
I don't think I am ready for another experience like this for at least a few days, just let myself come down from this mental high and then I'll head onto the next project!

House Burning Down

Carly Calmly Crushing

Carla blowing her nose.

2nd - Slacklining

I managed to get out a few times to victoria park in the beautiful weather to dick about on a slackline. I managed to solve my cube twice in a row on it with relative ease and juggled, picked up a dropped ball, turned around loads of times etc. etc.

3rd - Beastmaker

I think I am going to go and buy a beastmaker sometime soon, should give me that pocket training to use in font.

Bought my Beastmaker today and it is newly mounted in my door, let the crushing commence.

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