Friday 12 February 2010

Good and Bad

Good day today, for the most part...

I woke up at the unearthly hour of 6am to get ready for another day at the brilliant Brean, sorted my lunch (soup in a thermos and bread loaves), and got off towards Ben in Bristol.

We arrived at the rocks around 8ish and got warmed up.
The target for the day was Chulilla - a mighty fine 7b+ with a funky no hands rest in the middle of the wall.
Unfortunately half the holds were wet in some way so on the first attempt I dogged up and dried them off with my shirt.
To cut a long story short I had about 4/5 attempts overall and fell every time at the crux move. Eventually I realised my beta was wrong, corrected it, and cruised the route.

Overall very happy with that achievement. Not only my first 7b+ but also my first grade of 7b and over (discounting the roof of inequity which I think is probably 7a+)
I seem to be making a business of this, with Dr Med and Chulilla both skipping out 7b and going straight through.

On the way back however I managed to run out of diesel and was forced to pull my car over on top of a hill and phone for rescue from my housemate, who very kindly took me to a pump to fill up and get going again.

I am crazy psyched to get back to Brean now- there are a few 7a's left to mop up and a few 7b's that I would love to get.
I wouldn't be averse to going somewhere closer to hand though since travel is starting to cost me a fair bit...

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