Thursday 11 February 2010

Brean ad TCA

Dedication is a pain.

We went out yesterday as a group of three to try and get in a bit more outdoors climbing but due to sunlight and whatnot we only got 3 climbs in.

I tried working Chullila (7b+) and loved all the moves. With any luck it might go the next time I go down. However I imagine the linkup will be harder than I think though.

Anyways - with such a short day outdoors we decided to head back to Bristol and go to TCA, there was a really good crowd down by the circuit board including Hazel Findlay who had a nice chat about California with Ben.
Anyways - I worked the Red Circuit (7b - ha) and got it in 3 overlapping bits, but I think if I am feeling fresh I could possibly do it in 2 or maybe go straight through.
I also tried some more of the moves on the 8b and got a few of them now I can do 1-2-3 :-P

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