Tuesday 26 October 2010


Right now it seems like my rest days just involve taking other people to TCA and doing some setting instead of proper climbing.

Half my life is in there right now.
Unbelievable how hard it is to find people committed enough to get out into the gorge or elsewhere.

Climbing a lot with Omar now, not sure where that leaves me but I definitely feel psyched to get stronger.

Today I tried to set two white problems at TCA (supposed to be >7b) I dont think they really hit the grade...but they are good problems to climb so I dont know really where that leaves them...If I get in quickly I might find time to tweak them for some crappier holds.
Painfully slow setting again today, but I have never tried setting a problem that is too hard for me before...I dont think I have ever set a problem that I couldnt do by the end of the session,
Maybe something to work on for the next setting spree to come.

Fingerboarding to finish.
Many offset pullups and lockoffs.
Definitely feeling stronger, and today was a good long session.
I need to be putting more of these in if I hope to have the stamina to do well in the next SIBL round.

81.7 is today's blog update weight.
Peanuts for breakfast, vegan panini for lupper, carrots and humous for late dinner
tasty tasty :-)

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