Thursday 28 October 2010

A Peace Offering.

So here goes,

In a vain attempt to regain the trust of my alienated readership - I visited a health store today.

A neat meal ensued.

Breaded Tofu in paprika, parsley, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, a dash of soy and lemon juice.
Unfortunately I did use eggs for the breading process and for that I apologise...

I served this over a bowl of Sweet Potato and Buckwheat noodles.

I'm not overly convinced I would go to all that effort again, but I might mix up some miso soup to get rid of the huge block of tasteless squidgy (<---cool word that) tofu I am now left with...

Rest day today really, did a few hamstring curls for my right leg after orders from the physio.
I sense this might actually make a difference to my climbing because my heel hooking is really rather poor and who knows? this might just make it better all round.


I just looked up tofu and I bought the silken variety, regular tofu is easier to handle it seems and would have probably made the whole experience a fair bit better.

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