Wednesday 13 October 2010

"Project" = Sent

So I went back to Cheddar with Geoff today like I said I would,

I put the clips in with a clip stick, climbed the start and checked out a couple of the moves.

My first attempt was similar to my previous attempts, wherein I reached the 4th bolt and the hold afterwards, but I couldn't hold it and completely bailed on the final move.

I then took a few minutes break while Geoff cruised his way up a 6b and stripped it.

My second attempt was much, much better than the first, I reached the fourth bolt feeling I had plenty in the bank. Unfortunately I missed the final sloper by about an inch and fell off with one easy move to go.
On the way down I gave the crux holds a brush and checked the sequence at the top.

Third attempt went like a dream, held static on every practically every move but the top throw and cruised to the belay.

Very, very happy overall. 3 trips attempting the project and success this time feels like a nice reward for the effort.

I'm well up for attempting a 7c now, but only after the first SIBL round this weekend. Sometime this week I might find time for a last session on plastic, some more core and maybe some repeaters. Might even do them now...who knows what might happen?!

I just found this (rather poor) video of someone on Insatiable.
Assume my attempt was a lot cleaner, less pissing about at the top.
"Know the moves - Do the moves" is my mindset, don't be wasting energy on the wall.

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