Friday 22 October 2010

Aaaaaaaand the results finally go up...

They took their time about it (apparently the person in charge was moving house............)

but the first round of SIBL results are up now,

I accrued a mighty 160 points to tie with such masters of the sport as Henry Forrester in 28th position (Joint 21st) out of 81 competitors.
I shoulda, coulda, woulda done better on at least 2 of the problems which I failed to even complete in the comp. Both of which I could have onsighted if fresher and slightly stronger.

As such I have been training for the past week with a combination of power and endurance on the hard circuits at TCA.
Unfortunately I tweaked something in my left arm a couple of days ago, so nowt been doing for the last few days. Instead I have been doing a few short core sessions a day to try and make something happen with my upside down climbing.

I am about to scoot out to TCA again (becoming a bit of a fixture there tbh, was in there monday and Tuesday after SIBL and about three times the week before) the woody got me inspired last time, I want finger strength like Omar (dont tell him, his ego is big enough already) and he seemed to go from little to lots quite quickly climbing on that board, even now he can move off stuff I have troubles getting off the ground on.

I'll probably come back and tweak this when I return home.
Skin feels really good so if my arm holds up this could be a good session.

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