Wednesday 27 October 2010

TCA again

I wasnt really feeling the trip over today,
but then Geoff offered to drive and I couldn't really say no.

The whites I set yesterday were playing on my mind and I really, really wanted to tweak them to be the right grade.
I think I have gotten it right now, but it is probably too late to change them again if they aren't
I was alright today because they were set last thing at night and no one good enough to climb them is ever in before the evening on weekdays.
Hopefully they will have stumped a few tonight...probably a fair few ascents though.

Made a bunch of attempts on the new problems to check they are ok,
Did a beastmaker session with Anthony afterwards and I really think it was quite valuable.
We grabbed the suggested training from the web and tried it out.
The two finger pocket hangs are rough, what worries me is that the workout they suggest for 'intermediates' (6c+ - 7c boulderers) contains a bunch of hangs that I find both painful and really damn hard. However, if I do them enough that it no longer feels too hard I should be proper strong.
My biceps hurt from the high lockoffs on slopers now and that can only be good.

Just watching the second episode of 5 climbs, 5 islands now to chill out, be nice to have a rest day tomorrow and just chill out for a bit.

I've been a little unlucky this week in terms of climbing offers, Rich Emerson from work offered a trip to font yesterday but I have a management presentation that I have to be do on friday so that was off. Then I just received an offer to go climbing tomorrow earlier this evening, but I am too wrecked right now to make it worth while.

Hopefully I will get out on Saturday to Dinas Rock and maybe even try my first outdoor bouldering since Font in June...
Time to wind down now though.

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