Sunday 24 June 2012

Bought the Tickets!


Tickets have been bought.

It is real.

22 days left to train!

I'm slowly getting through the hard circuit at SSP, 4 boulders left out of 8.

  1. One has a super hard dyno to start, but the end is just thuggage that I am certain I can do.
  2. One has a tough move in the middle, and a hard finish that I haven't managed- but perhaps I just dont have the beta?
  3. One is quite easy, but the end might prove difficult
  4. I haven't tried the last one, but it looks like straight up crimpers on a big overhang 

Tuesday = SSP
Thursday=Evo with Omar and Barnaby?

I need to actually look at my finances at some point, and work out what the damage is actually going to be for this trip, because I don't want to utterly ruin my bank account in one go.

Ah well.

Now the waiting begins for term to end and packing to begin

(Yes, I found a .gif site)

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