Monday 11 June 2012

Noodles before bedtime

As of tomorrow morning, I will weigh myself every day, and plot the descent to <12 stone!

Did 50 crunches and 50 super awesome leg raise reps today.
But I bailed on the idea of bicep curls when I realised I would have to share them with pupils in the school gym.
Prior to this I did some climbing though:

I warmed up thoroughly with a theraband and some starjumps then spent 6 minutes on the wall just moving around on good holds with front three finger grips and then middle two.

I then did every easy problem on the wall using front 3 only, this was about 15 problems.

I then did every red problem multiples times in multiple styles. I did each one super static, then super dynamic then tried to do them with only 3 fingers.

From this I learnt that I climb a lot more dynamically than I previously thought (on easier stuff at least) as the dynamic problems were much much easier for me to do. The static ones took multiple attempts to work out the best sequence and perfect foot movement.

Naturally, the best climbing uses both at the same time, but specifically working static strength seems very worthwhile to me right now, as it is an area that I think I am lacking in when the holds get smaller.

Time for bed methinks.

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