Saturday 9 June 2012


I haven't written on here in an age.

But here we go.

The lead up to Rocklands.

I will be buying the tickets tomorrow evening.

If I am honest, I havent really been 'feeling it' so far.
I mean, I have been looking forward to going, but I haven't really found the psyche to go training, continue dieting, and generally get up to crushing standard.

But just now...
And I dont know whether to attribute this to the triple helping of Pavlova that I just ate, or to this incredible insight into one of my climbing heroes.

Dave Graham insight

I have received an overly large dose of psyche.

For the last few weeks I have been feeling a bit 'off'.
Prior to this, I was crushing hard, feeling super psyched on just climbing hard and chilling out at the wall for most of the evenings. Unfortunately, I then received a bit of an injury to my right hand. A bit of a weird one actually, I cant work out what I have done, and I cant work out the exact movement that causes it to hurt.

This has left me a touch deflated, I cant train properly on the fingerboard, which is where I feel I need to put in some time, and I cant find the desire to do other things given the heat.

This will all change on MONDAY.

MONDAY is the day I will start training in earnest.


My Resolutions for the run-up

1. As much climbing as possible.
  • This means going to the school wall as much as possible, going when other people are not going, and climbing all the projects, setting new ones, and using the fingerboard for whatever seems smart.
  • Considering getting a membership at craggy island for the run-in for the purposes of more varied training.
  • Watch some more climbing films, keep the psyche high, and update this blog!
2. Diet!

  • Yup, this is it. Having spoken to Jack while we were out in font, it has been made apparent that losing weight is the easiest way to become apparently stronger.
  • Therefore - No junk food will pass my lips till I leave for SA on the 17th of august.
  • I will attempt to limit my calorie intake to a maximum of 2000kcal per day.
  • I will eat breakfast every day.
  • I will snack on fruit.
  • I will perform a 20 minute aerobic exercise session prior to each pullup session.
3.  A Climbing Playlist

  • Exactly what it says, I'm going to put together an iPod of music that gets me psyched, and then listen to it when I climb. What could be better?

Infact, I'm going to get started on that now.

I might describe the latest font trip at some point too.

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