Sunday 17 June 2012

SSP month membership

So I got a little fed up of Craggy,

I'm talking with my money and going to train at SSP for the last month until SA.

They have changed their system of setting to the circuit system and hired in at least one half decent setter from up north, so there are actually some good hard problems for a change.

I hope to try and do every one of the hardest set of boulders by the time I have to go.

The session today was a bit lousy, skin flaked, not well fueled, bad mood, too hot etc.

I managed to do a bunch of the V6-8 boulders (none of them were really that grade range) and a lot of the moves on the harder ones.
I'm hoping for a decent regular crowd to turn up so I can climb in a good group of people on a regular basis, something I have found a little lacking at Craggy.

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