Thursday 14 June 2012


Lest I find myself on the wrong side of the cheeriness spectrum I am taking some time out to chill before fives and more cleaning.

I feel a bit achey today after the trip to the Biscuit Factory yesterday.

It was nice to see so many people there, and to climb so many good problems.
I even did a bunch of campus training on the big sandpaper drainpipe rungs, including some doubles on 1-3-5-7.

My stamina for hard problems was a little bit weak, and I fell off some easier ones by not paying enough attention and thinking about the best possible sequence. It isnt the competition season I am training for right now, but something to keep an eye on anyway.

I think I will take at least one day off now, probably just play some computer games when I get home. Looking forward to it.

People eh?

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