Sunday 1 July 2012

15 days what?

15 DAYS?

Holy shizzbizz!

Quick rundown of the week

I went to SSP and got another orange, last three are nails, I may just focus on trying to do the others with some weight/number of reps.

I then took the rest of the week off climbing, then climbed yesterday at Anston Stones up by Sheffield.

I got my first 7C (Bullet) and got all the moves on a 7C+, which I am psyched to go back for now.
It'll go pretty easily when I am fresh I think.

It'd be nice to get back on it this weekend if possible, and I know Omar is going up again so it might be a goer.

I am dong a trial set at SSP this tuesday, should it go well, then I may be able to continue in the future, and set with James Garden, Yann and Liam. I'm a bit nervous, but I am confident that I can get some good feedback on the problems.


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