Friday 13 November 2009


It appears my first blogging attempt succeeded, so onto more important matters.

I shifted my wall back to 30 degrees yesterday evening and now I cant hold much, so instead I drew out a topo so that I could write out some routes, but I only managed 6 in the session.

None of them are disgustingly hard but enough to keep me occupied for now.

I went out on the wall this afternoon, but as everyone in England will know - the weather is a tad sucky at the moment. Even though the wall is covered it worries me that the water is still somehow getting onto it.
The holds were ever-so-slightly damp and I wasn't feeling too strong, so I did a couple of circuits and some easy moves but went back inside before long.

Bi/triceps and pullups this evening.

Probably time for bed now - early morning start tomorrow and perhaps my first yoga session.

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