Tuesday 17 November 2009


I went to Cheddar today - my first serious session down there - my second trip.

I went with a charming bloke from California called Ben who was also a pretty good climber.
The 6 am start was not the most friendly of wake ups but necessary for time, after picking up Ben in Bristol we made our way to a dry, but slightly seepy Cheddar Gorge.

After receiving advice on some good lines from the ever sensible Simon I decided to try out two routes at 7a.

Raw Deal and
Who's Line Is It Anyway?

Both went pretty easily which is nice to see.
I'm always critical of my climbing and assume that the grades must be wrong if I can do them but I seem to have been climbing 7a pretty consistently now so perhaps something is happening.

I'm super excited to go back again, I got the new guide and it looks like there is loads at the level I am operating.

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